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The first game, Jan. 17 vs, Canada at Montreal had to be cancelled. The Soviet team came late on their flight and refused to play in Montreal on the 17th. They also threatened to cancel the whole tour.

The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association managed to straighten everything out but not in time to save the Montreal game.

The Montreal Forum officials were burning mad. They refused to reschedule the Soviet game.

The last two games of the tour were added on to make up for the Montreal game.

The Canadian players came from both the A Team at Winnipeg and the B Team at Ottawa


Jan 19		4-2 Canada @ Toronto
Jan 21		7-0 Canada @ Vancouver
Jan 22		8-3 Canada @ Victoria
Jan 24		10-2 Canada @ Ottawa
Jan 26		4-2 Canada @ Winnipeg
Jan 28		3-2 Canada @ Winnipeg
Jan 30		10-4 Canada @ Ottawa
Jan 31		6-5 Canada @ London
Feb 2		7-4 Canada @ Quebec
Feb 3		14-4 Sherbrooke Castors

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