This is the 1967-68 season of the Western Hockey League. It was the sixteenth season of the league.

The California Seals withdrew because they entered the National Hockey League. The Los Angeles Blades withdrew because the Los Angeles Kings entered the National Hockey League. The Victoria Maple Leafs were sold and became the Phoenix Roadrunners.

Standings[edit | edit source]

Portland Buckaroos     72-40-26-6-86    246-168
Seattle Totems         72-35-30-7-77    207-199
San Diego Gulls        72-31-36-5-67    241-236
Phoenix Roadrunners    72-28-40-4-60    215-276
Vancouver Canucks      72-26-41-5-57    213-258

Note: The league played a partial interlocking schedule with the American Hockey League.

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Semi Finals[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

Final[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

Seattle Totems won the Lester Patrick Cup.

All-Star Teams[edit | edit source]

First Team[edit | edit source]

Second Team[edit | edit source]

  • Goaltender: Jim McLeod, Portland
  • Defenceman: Gordie Sinclair, San Diego
  • Defenceman: Larry Hale, Seattle
  • Center: Guyle Fielder, Seattle
  • Left Winger: Bill Saunders, Portland
  • Right Winger: Tom McVie, Phoenix

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