First RoundEdit

Winners (in bold) qualified for the Group A to play for 1st-8th places. Teams, which lost their qualification matches, played in Group B for 9th-16th places.

Team #1 Score Team #2
Germany 2–1 Poland

Medal Round Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union 7700541014
2 Flag of Sweden Sweden 7520471610
3 Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 7520381910
4 Canadian Red Ensign Canada 7520321710
5 Flag of the United States United States of America 725029334
6 Flag of Finland Finland 725010314
7 Flag of Germany-1960-Olympics Germany 725013494
8 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 70709570
  • Czechoslovakia 11-1 Germany
  • USA 8-0 Germany
  • Canada 4-2 Germany
  • Sweden 10-2 Germany
  • USSR 10-0 Germany
  • Germany 6-5 Switzerland
  • Germany 2-1 Finland
Paul Ambros
Bernd Herzig
Michael Hobelsberger
Ernst Köpf
Albert Loibl
Sepp Reif
Otto Schneitberger
Georg Scholz
Siegfried Schubert
Dieter Schwimmbeck
Ernst Tautwein
Leonhard Waitl
Helmut Zanghellini
Kurt Sepp
Ulli Jansen
Horst Franz Schuldes
Sylvester Wackerle
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