This is the 1964-65 season of the Western Hockey League. It was the thirteenth season of the league.

The Denver Invaders franchise moved to become the Victoria Maple Leafs.

Standings[edit | edit source]

Portland Buckaroos        70-42-23-5-89    267-216
Seattle Totems            70-36-30-4-64    204-198
Vancouver Canucks         70-32-32-6-70    263-244
Victoria Maple Leafs      70-32-36-2-66    246-242
San Francisco Seals       70-31-37-2-64    255-283
Los Angeles Blades        70-26-41-3-55    217-269

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Semi Finals[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

Final[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

Portland Buckaroos won the Lester Patrick Cup.

All-Star Teams[edit | edit source]

First Team[edit | edit source]

Second Team[edit | edit source]

Team Photos[edit | edit source]

The Seattle team photo is from'

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