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This is the 1963-64 season of the Western Hockey League.

It was the 12th season of the league.

The Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Flyers dropped out of the league. Spokane returned to the Western International Hockey League. The Spokane Comets franchise was shifted to the Denver Invaders.

With only six teams left, the league again reverted to a single division setup.


Denver Invaders      70-44-23-3-91    271-202
Portland Buckaroos   70-33-30-7-73    229-228
Los Angeles Blades   70-31-31-8-70    218-244
San Francisco Seals  70-32-35-3-67    228-262
Seattle Totems       70-29-35-6-64    247-228
Vancouver Canucks    70-26-41-3-55    229-258


Semi Finals[]

Best of 7


Best of 7

The San Francisco Seals won the Lester Patrick Cup.

All-Star Teams[]

First Team[]

Second Team[]

All-Star Game[]

The league's all-star game was played in Vancouver on Sunday, September 29, 1963.

The Stanley Cup champion Toronto Maple Leafs beat the league all-stars 3-0.

Attendance was 5,080.

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