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This is the 1963-64 Maritimes Senior Playoffs. They decided the regional senior hockey champion and the entry into the Allan Cup playoffs.

Participating teams

League Champions

Independent team


Semi Final

Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
March 11 Charlottetown 5 Sydney 4 Charlottetown
March 13 Sydney 13 Charlottetown 4 Sydney
March 15 Charlottetown 8 Sydney 0 Sydney

Charlottetown Royals beat Sydney Millionaires 2 games to 1.


Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
March 16 Windsor 11 Charlottetown 3 Charlottetown
March 17 Windsor 16 Charlottetown 1 Charlottetown
March 21 Windsor 23 Charlottetown 0 Windsor

Note: Charlottetown Royals had trouble getting a team together. In this final series, and in their 13-4 loss in the semi final, they had dressed as few as 9 players. The Maritimes Amateur Hockey Association got fed up with these mismatches and awarded the series to the Windsor Maple Leafs.

Windsor Maple Leafs beat Charlottetown Royals .

Windsor Maple Leafs advanced to the 1963-64 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.

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