Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
April 19 Toronto 13 North Bay 3 Toronto
April 20 Toronto 11 North Bay 4 Toronto
April 22 Toronto 7 North Bay 5 North Bay
April 24 Toronto 10 North Bay 4 North Bay

Toronto Marlboros beat North Bay Trappers 4 wins to none.

Round Robin

@ Montreal

  • April 10 Ottawa 9 Summerside 1
  • April 12 Montreal NDG 4 Ottawa 0
  • April 13 Montreal NDG 15 Summerside 0

At this point the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association and the Quebec Amateur Hockey Association asked Summerside to withdraw. The team did so under protest.

The Montreal NDG-Ottawa series was changed to best of 3, with Montreal NDG having won the first game (see above).

  • April 18 Montreal NDG 11 Ottawa 3.

Montreal NDG Monarchs beat Ottawa Montagnards 2 wins to none.


Best of 5

Date Winner Loser Location
April 26 Toronto 7 Montreal NDG 2 Montreal
April 28 Montreal NDG 6 Toronto 4 Montreal
April 29 Toronto 6 Montreal NDG 3 Toronto
May 1 Toronto 11 Montreal NDG 3 Toronto

Note: This was the only playoff game Toronto would lose this season in 17 games played (they also tied against the Montreal Junior Canadiens).

The coach of the Monarchs was a very young Scotty Bowman.

Toronto Marlboros beat Montreal NDG Monarchs 3 wins to 1.

Toronto Marlboros advanced to the 1963-64 Memorial Cup Final.

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