Group A Edit

Top two teams (shaded ones) from each group advanced to the final round and played for 1st-6th places, other teams played in the consolation round.

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Canadian Red Ensign Canada 22002434
2 Flag of Sweden Sweden 21102152
3 Flag of Japan Japan 20201380
  • Canada 5-2 Sweden
  • Sweden 19-0 Japan

Final round Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Flag of the United States United States of America 5500291110
2 Canadian Red Ensign Canada 541031128
3 Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union 522124195
4 Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 523021234
5 Flag of Sweden Sweden 513119193
6 Flag of Germany-1960-Olympics Germany 50505450
  • USA 6-3 Sweden
  • USSR 2-2 Sweden
  • Czechoslovakia 3-1 Sweden
  • Canada 6-5 Sweden
  • Sweden 8-2 Germany (UTG)

Leading scorersEdit

Rk Team GP G A Pts
5th Flag of Sweden Lars Lundvall 78412
7th Flag of Sweden Nisse Nilsson 77512
12th Flag of Sweden Ronald Petersson 74812
Anders Andersson
Lars Björn
Gert Blomé
Sigurd Bröms
Einar Granath
Sven Johansson
Bengt Lindqvist
Lars-Eric Lundvall
Nils Nilsson
Bert-Ola Nordlander
Carl-Göran Öberg
Ronald Pettersson
Ulf Sterner
Roland Stoltz
Hans Svedberg
Kjell Svensson
Sune Wretling
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