This is the 1958-59 season of the Quebec Hockey League. It was the last season of the league.


Regular Season GP W L T GF GA Pts
Montreal Royals 62 34 22 6 206 162 74
Trois Rivieres Lions 62 30 29 3 194 184 63
Chicoutimi Sagueneens 62 30 31 1 238 236 61
Quebec Aces 62 21 33 8 176 232 50


Note: Originally this was supposed to be a round robin semi final, with the Montreal Royals, Trois Rivieres Lions, and the Chicoutimi Sagueneens. However, several Chicoutimi players refused to play without more money. Due to a lack of players, the Chicoutimi Sagueneens withdrew from the playoffs.


Best of 9

Date Winner Loser Location
March 25 Trois Rivieres 3 Montreal 2 Trois Rivieres
March 29 Montreal 3 Trois Rivieres 2 Montreal
March 31 Montreal 6 Trois Rivieres 2 Montreal
April 1 Trois Rivieres 3 Montreal 2 Trois Rivieres
April 5 Montreal 2 Trois Rivieres 0 Montreal
April 8 Trois Rivieres 5 Montreal 3 Trois Rivieres
April 10 Montreal 4 Trois Rivieres 2 Montreal
April 12 Montreal 4 Trois Rivieres 2 Trois Rivieres

Montreal Royals beat Trois Rivieres Lions 5 wins to 3.

Montreal Royals won the Thomas O'Connell Trophy.

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Advertisement for the last QHL game.


The league folded after this season. The Quebec Aces applied to and were accepted by the American Hockey League. The Royals and the Lions were the core of a new league - the Eastern Professional Hockey League (EPHL).

The Lions folded in 1960 after only one season in the EPHL. The Royals lasted only one more season. The Aces did better, staying on until 1971.

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