Note: Quebec had a minor pro league which accounts for the lack of senior teams. The Maritimes stayed out of the Allan Cup playoffs beacause they felt that their teams were not strong enough to compete.


Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
April 8 Whitby 4 North Bay 2 Toronto
April 10 North Bay 7 Whitby 4 Toronto
April 12 North Bay 6 Whitby 3 North Bay
April 13 Whitby 5 North Bay 4 North Bay
April 15 Whitby 4 North Bay 3 North Bay
April 17 North Bay 5 Whitby 2 Toronto
April 20 Whitby 7 North Bay 5 Toronto

Whitby Dunlops beat North Bay Trappers 4 games to 3.

Whitby Dunlops advanced to the 1956-57 Allan Cup Final.

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