Quarter FinalEdit

Best of 5

  • Nanaimo 4 Vancouver 3
  • Nanaimo 6 Vancouver 0
  • Nanaimo 3 Vancouver 0

Nanaimo Clippers beat Vancouver Pilseners 3 wins to none.

Semi FinalEdit

2 games total goals

  • Kamloops 10 Nanaimo 2
  • Kamloops 7 Nanaimo 2

Kamloops Balcos beat Nanaimo Clippers 17 goals to 4.

Best of 3

Kimberley beat Trail 2 wins to none.


Kamloops had played in two of the last three finals and had played on the road in each one. The Balcos had insisted that the British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association (BCAHA) had promised them a final series at home. Instead the BCAHA wanted the series played at Kimberley. The Kamloops team was furious and withdrew from the final, defaulting to Kimberley.

Kimberley advanced to the 1956-57 Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs.

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