This is the 1953-54 season of the Western Hockey League. It was the second season of the league.

The Tacoma Rockets dropped out, and the Seattle Ironmen were renamed the Seattle Bombers.


Vancouver Canucks              70-39-24- 7-85    218-174
Calgary Stampeders             70-38-25- 7-83    266-206
Saskatoon Quakers              70-32-29- 9-73    226-214
Edmonton Flyers                70-29-30-11-69    246-260
Victoria Cougars               70-27-32-11-65    203-223
New Westminster Royals         70-28-34- 8-64    218-261
Seattle Bombers                70-22-41- 7-51    209-248


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Best of 7

The Calgary Stampeders won the Lester Patrick Cup and advanced to the 1953-54 Edinburgh Trophy Final.

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