This is the 1953-54 season of the Maritime Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

1952-53 MIAA Season  :  1954-55 MIAA Season
1953-54 WCIAU Season :  1953-54 QOAA Season
1953-54 OSLC Season


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All series 2 games total goals.
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Western Semi-finalsEdit

Mount Allison University beat St. Dunstan's University 12 goals to 2.
University of New Brunswick beat St. Thomas University 10 goals to 9.

Western FinalEdit

Mount Allison University beat University of New Brunswick 14 goals to 1.

Eastern Semi-finalEdit

St. Francis Xavier University beat Dalhousie University 15 goals to 5.

Eastern FinalEdit

St. Francis Xavier University beat Acadia University

Conference FinalEdit

  • St. Francis Xavier 3 Mount Allison 3
  • St. Francis Xavier 3 Mount Allison 0

St. Francis Xavier X-Men beat Mount Allison Mounties 6 goals to 3.

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