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This is the 1953-54 season of the Maritime Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

1952-53 MIAA Season  :  1954-55 MIAA Season
1953-54 WCIAU Season :  1953-54 QOAA Season
1953-54 OSLC Season


No regular season play.


All series 2 games total goals.
Scores not available.

Western Semi-finals[]

Mount Allison University beat St. Dunstan's University 12 goals to 2.
University of New Brunswick beat St. Thomas University 10 goals to 9.

Western Final[]

Mount Allison University beat University of New Brunswick 14 goals to 1.

Eastern Semi-final[]

St. Francis Xavier University beat Dalhousie University 15 goals to 5.

Eastern Final[]

St. Francis Xavier University beat Acadia University

Conference Final[]

  • St. Francis Xavier 3 Mount Allison 3
  • St. Francis Xavier 3 Mount Allison 0

St. Francis Xavier X-Men beat Mount Allison Mounties 6 goals to 3.

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