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In Ice hockey at the 1948 Winter Olympics, Team Canada returned to its dominance, winning their fourth Gold Medal out of the first five Olympic Games.

Canada was represented by the RCAF Flyers.

Rival United States teams[]

The tournament was marred by controversy before the Games began. The United States sent two hockey teams to compete in St. Moritz, which nearly caused the cancellation of the entire tournament. At the center of the issue was amateurism. One team was sponsored by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The USOC was responsible for determining American participation in the Games. The other team was sponsored by the United States Amateur Hockey Association (USAHA) and the Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace (LIHG). The LIHG was responsible for approving the participation of national hockey teams at the Olympics. The USAHA openly allowed professional players on their teams, and the team sent to St. Moritz was comprised of professionals, whereas the AAU team was strictly made up of amateurs. No resolution was reached before the Games and both teams arrived at St. Moritz ready to play. This created a tense showdown between the USOC's president, Avery Brundage, the LIHG, the Swiss organizing committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC was responsible for the overall running of the Games. The IOC initially ruled that neither team could compete. This incensed the LIHG, who threatened to boycott the Olympics, effectively ending the hockey tournament. The Swiss organizing committee, fearing this eventuality, ignored the IOC's ruling and allowed the AHA team to play in the tournament and the AAU team to march in the opening ceremony. Eventually the parties agreed to allow the USAHA team to play but the results of their games would not count, and they would not be eligible to win a medal.


The tournament was run in a round robin format with nine teams participating. The Canadians had seven wins and one tie against the team from Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia also won seven games. The tournament was decided on goal differential. Team Canada outscored their opponents 69–5 (a +64 goal differential). The Czechoslovakia team outscored their opponent 80–18 (a +62 goal differential). Canada won the gold by a two-goal margin. The Swiss team earned the bronze medal.

Medal Team
Gold Canadian Red Ensign 1921.png Canada
Silver Flag of Czechoslovakia.png Czechoslovakia
Bronze Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland
Pld W L T GF GA Pts
Canadian Red Ensign 1921.png Canada 8 7 0 1 69 5 15
Flag of Czechoslovakia.png Czechoslovakia 8 7 0 1 80 18 15
Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland 8 6 2 0 67 21 12
Flag of Sweden.png Sweden 8 4 4 0 55 28 8
Flag of United Kingdom Great Britain 8 3 5 0 39 47 6
Flag of Poland.png Poland 8 2 6 0 29 97 4
Flag of Austria.png Austria 8 1 7 0 33 77 2
Flag of Italy.png Italy 8 0 8 0 24 156 0
Flag of the United States.png United States of America * 8 5 3 0 86 33 10

* United States team was disqualified. Only eight teams are officially ranked.


  • January 30
    • Switzerland 5-4 USA
    • Canada 3-1 Sweden
    • Poland 7-5 Austria
    • Czechoslovakia 22-3 Italy
  • January 31
    • USA 23-4 Poland
    • Czechoslovakia 6-3 Sweden
    • Switzerland 16-0 Italy
    • United Kingdom 5-4 Austria
  • February 1
    • Canada 3-0 United Kingdom
    • USA 31-1 Italy
    • Switzerland 11-2 Austria
    • Czechoslovakia 13-2 Poland
  • February 2
    • Sweden 7-1 Austria
    • Canada 15-0 Poland
    • Czechoslovakia 11-4 United Kingdom
  • February 3
    • Canada 21-1 Italy
    • USA 5-2 Sweden
  • February 4
    • Czechoslovakia 17-3 Austria
    • Poland 13-7 Italy
    • Switzerland 12-3 United Kingdom
  • February 5
    • Austria 16-5 Italy
    • United Kingdom 7-2 Poland
    • Switzerland 8-2 Sweden
    • Canada 12-3 USA
  • February 6
    • Switzerland 14-0 Poland
    • Canada 0-0 Czechoslovakia
    • Sweden 4-3 United Kingdom
    • USA 13-2 Austria
  • February 7
    • USA 4-3 United Kingdom
    • Czechoslovakia 7-1 Switzerland
    • Canada 12-0 Austria
    • Sweden 23-0 Italy
  • February 8
    • United Kingdom 14-7 Italy
    • Czechoslovakia 4-3 USA
    • Canada 3-0 Switzerland
    • Sweden 13-2 Poland

Top scorer[]

Team GP G A Pts
Flag of Canada Walter Halder 8 21 8 29
Gold Silver Bronze
Canada Flag of Canada

Murray Dowey

Bernard Dunster

Jean Gravelle

Patrick Guzzo

Walter Halder

Thomas Hibberd

Henri-André Laperrière

John Lecompte

George Mara

Albert Renaud

Reginald Schroeter

Irving Taylor

Czechoslovakia Flag of Czechoslovakia

Vladimir Bouzek

Augustin Bubnik

Jaroslav Drobny

Přemysl Hajný

Zdeněk Jarkovský

Vladimír Kobranov

Stanislav Konopasek

Bohumil Modry

Miloslav Pokorny

Václav Roziňák

Miroslav Slama

Karel Stibor

Viliblad Stovik

Ladislav Trojak

Josef Trousílek

Oldřich Zábrodský

Vladimír Zábrodský

Switzerland Flag of Switzerland

Hans Banninger

Alfred Bieler

Heinrich Boller

Ferdinand Cattini

Hans Cattini

Hans Durst

Walter Durst

Emil Handschin

Heini Lohrer

Werner Lohrer

Reto Perl

Gebhard Poltera

Ulrich Poltera

Beat Ruedi

Otto Schubiger

Bibi Torriani

Hans-Martin Trepp

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