Champions[edit | edit source]

Province Team
Alberta Lethbridge Native Sons
Saskatchewan Moose Jaw Canucks
Manitoba Winnipeg Monarchs
Thunder Bay Port Arthur West End Bruins

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Semi Finals[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
March 20 Moose Jaw 3 Lethbridge 2 Moose Jaw
March 22 Lethbridge 8 Moose Jaw 5 Moose Jaw
March 24 Moose Jaw 3 Lethbridge 2 Regina
March 27 Lethbridge 4 Moose Jaw 3 Lethbridge
March 29 Lethbridge 5 Moose Jaw 2 Lethbridge
March 31 Lethbridge 7 Moose Jaw 2 Calgary

Lethbridge Native Sons beat Moose Jaw Canucks 4 wins to 2.

Date Winner Loser Location
March 20 Port Arthur 12 Winnipeg 3 Port Arthur
March 22 Port Arthur 6 Winnipeg 4 Port Arthur
March 25 Port Arthur 10 Winnipeg 4 Winnipeg
March 27 Winnipeg 7 Port Arthur 5 Winnipeg
March 29 Winnipeg 5 Port Arthur Winnipeg
March 31 Port Arthur 7 Winnipeg 2 Winnipeg

Port Arthur West End Bruins beat Winnipeg Monarchs 4 wins to 2.

Final[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
April 5 Lethbridge 6 Port Arthur 1 Lethbridge
April 7 Lethbridge 7 Port Arthur 6 Lethbridge
April 12 Port Arthur 7 Lethbridge 4 Port Arthur
April 14 Lethbridge 5 Port Arthur 4 Port Arthur
April 16 Port Arthur 5 Lethbridge 0 Port Arthur
April 19 Port Arthur 6 Lethbridge 4 Port Arthur
April 21 Port Arthur 11 Lethbridge 1 Toronto

It was policy that the seventh game be played at a neutral site. The nearest western city with a large enough arena was Winnipeg but the arena there was booked by an ice show. If the game was played at Regina, the next nearest western city, the winning team would not have been able to reach Toronto in time for the Memorial Cup final. It was decided to play the game at Toronto which had the largest arena (Maple Leaf Gardens) and cut down on the travel necessary. The winning team would have been already in the city. This was the first time that a Canadian amateur playoff was played in both western and eastern Canada. The only other times were in the 1950-51 Alexander Cup playoffs and the 1968-69 Memorial Cup Final.

Port Arthur West End Bruins beat Lethbridge Native Sons 4 wins to 3.

Port Arthur West End Bruins advanced to the 1947-48 Memorial Cup Final.

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