This is the final series for the 1845-46 United States National Championship and the Walter A Brown Trophy:

Note: Despite the fact that the Vancouver Canucks were baed in a Canadian city, they were eligible for the United States championship because the league they played in, the Pacific Coast Hockey League, was an American league.

Finalists[edit | edit source]

Final[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

All games were @ Vancouver

Day Date Winner Loser
Friday April 12 Boston 9 Vancouver 6
Monday April 15 Vancouver 9 Boston 4 -
Wednesday April 17 Boston 8 Vancouver 3
Friday April 19 Boston 5 Vancouver 4
Monday April 22 Vancouver 5 Boston 3
Wednesday April 24 Vancouver 3 Boston 0
Friday April 26 Vancouver 6 Boston 3

Vancouver Canucks beat Boston Olympics 4 wins to 3.

A challenge issued by the Vancouver Canucks to the Calgary Stampeders (Allan Cup champions) was refused.

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