This is a list of the eligible teams that played in the 1943-44 season for the Allan Cup, emblematic of the senior amateur hockey championship of Canada.

World War II, which had been going on for four years, had taken a heavy toll of Canadian hockey players, many of whom had joined the country's armed forces. To make matters more difficult for the sport, the Canadian military had banned its teams from playing for the Allan Cup and any other national or provincial sports championships.

The Army and Air Force had gone even farther, banning their teams from even playing against civilian teams. The Navy did allow play against civilians but their teams had to withdraw before the playoffs.

These regulations, which came into force at the beginning of January, forced the withdrawl of the teams in mid-season and the quick reorganization of many leagues.

All this led to a very sharp drop in the number of teams competing for the Allan Cup. From over 200 teams in 1937-38 and 68 in the past season 1942-43, 1943-44 saw only 24 teams nationwide in the hunt for the Cup. Manitoba, which only had a military league, ended up with no teams for the first time since 1910.

There were ten districts in Canada, five in the west and five in the east. The winners of the two groups played of in the Allan Cup final.

District ChampionsEdit

Regional ChampionsEdit

Eligible TeamsEdit

British Columbia (2)Edit

Pacific Coast Senior Hockey AssociationEdit

Alberta (1)Edit

Independent teamEdit

Saskatchewan (2)Edit

Saskatchewan Senior Hockey LeagueEdit

Note: The Saskatoon Navy also played in this league but were not eligible for the Allan Cup.

Manitoba (0)Edit

There were no eligible teams in this province.

Thunder Bay (2)Edit

Independent TeamsEdit

Northern Ontario (2)Edit

Independent teamsEdit

Ontario (2)Edit

OHA SeniorEdit

Note: The Toronto Navy also played in this league but were not eligible for the Allan Cup.

Ottawa (3)Edit

Ottawa City Senior LeagueEdit

Quebec (4)Edit

Quebec Senior Hockey LeagueEdit

Maritimes (8)Edit

Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey LeagueEdit

Independent TeamsEdit

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