This is the 1942-43 season of the Eastern Hockey League:

Because there were only four teams in the league an interlocking schedule was played with the teams of the New York City Metropolitan League.


US Coast Guard Cutters       32-13-1-65
New York Rovers              24-20-2-50
Boston Olympics              24-21-1-49
Brooklyn Arms Torpedos       21- 8-2-44
Philadelphia Falcons         17-27-2-36
Sands Point Tigers           12-17-2-26
Jamaica Hawks                 8-18-5-21
Manhattan Arrows              8-22-1-17

Only the Cutters, Rovers, Olympics, and Falcons were members of the Eastern League.


Round Robin

Cutters   9-1-0-18
Falcons   5-3-1-11
Olympics  4-5-0- 8
Rovers    0-9-1- 1

Since there was no other eligible league in the United States (due to World War II), the Cutters were also named the United States Senior Champion.

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