1939 Boston Bruins

1938-39 Boston Bruins

The 1939 Stanley Cup Final NHL championship series was contested by the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was Boston's first appearance in the Final since 1930; Toronto had appeared in the 1938 Final. Boston would win the series 4–1 to win their second Stanley Cup. It was the first best-of-seven Stanley Cup Final series.

Paths to the FinalEdit

Boston defeated New York Rangers in a best-of-seven 4–3 to advance to the final. The Maple Leafs had to play two best-of three series; winning 2–0 against New York Americans, and 2–1 against the Detroit Red Wings.

The seriesEdit

Frank Brimsek held Toronto to just six goals in the 5 games.

Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Date Away Score Home Score Notes
April 6 Toronto Maple Leafs1Boston Bruins 2
April 9 Toronto Maple Leafs3Boston Bruins2OT
April 11Boston Bruins3Toronto Maple Leafs1
April 13Boston Bruins2Toronto Maple Leafs0
April 16Toronto Maple Leafs1Boston Bruins3

Boston wins best-of-seven series 4–1.

Boston Bruins 1939 Stanley Cup championsEdit



1 Frank Brimsek

  • Weston Adams Sr. (President),
  • Art Ross (Vice President/Manager-Coach),
  • Ralph Burkard (Treasurer),
  • Win Green (Trainer)&

& Missing from the Stanley Cup, but qualified to be on it.

Stanley Cup engraving

  • From 1930 to 1939, except for the 1933 New York Rangers, 1934 Chicago Black Hawks and 1935 Montreal Maroons every team included their playoff games scores on the Stanley Cup. In 1939, the Boston Bruins were the last team to do this. When the Cup was redone during 1957–58 season all playoff game scores were left off the new ring for the cup winners from 1928 to 1940.
  • Three players were included on the Stanley Cup, but did not qualify Pat McReavy (6 games played), Terry Readron (4 games played), Jack Shewchuk (3 games played). Not one of the three players played in the playoffs.

References & notesEdit

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