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The Sudbury Tigers won Sudbury's first Allan Cup, and the second for Northern Ontario. The Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds won in 1924.


Note: *This team was actually the Frood Tigers. Since the rules of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association forbade teams named after companies, the team was known as the Sudbury Tigers.


Best of 5

@ Calgary

  • Thursday April 8 Sudbury 4 North Battleford 1
  • Saturday April 10 Sudbury 6 North Battleford 3
  • Monday April 12 North Battleford 7 Sudbury 5
  • Wednesday April 14 North Battleford 3 Sudbury 2
  • Friday April 16 Sudbury 5 North Battleford 2

Sudbury Tigers beat North Battleford Beavers 3 games to 2.

Sudbury Tigers won the Allan Cup.

Sudbury Tigers advanced to the 1936-37 Toronto International Tournament.

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