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This is the 1934-35 Maritimes Senior Playoffs that decided the regional champion and the entry into the Allan Cup playoffs.

There were three levels of playoffs - Senior A and Senior B and Intermediate. The three winners played off for the entry to the Allan Cup playoffs.

Senior A

There was only one league in this category - Maritime Senior Hockey League. The winner was the Halifax Wolverines.

Senior B

1934-35 Maritimes Senior B playoffs

Won by Kentville Wildcats.


New Brunswick

1934-35 New Brunswick Intermediate playoffs

Won by Edmunston Eskimos

Prince Edward Island

1934-35 PEI Intermediate playoffs

won by Charlottetown Abegweits

Nova Scotia

1934-35 Nova Scotia Intermediate playoffs

Won by Oxford

Regional playoffs

1934-35 Maritimes Intermediate Playoffs

Won by Edmunston Eskimos

Senior-Intermediate Playoffs

Senior B - Intermediate

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 12 Edmunston 3 Kentville 3 Kentville
March 14 Edmunston 5 Kentville 3 Edmunston

Edmunston Eskimos beat Kentville Wildcats 8 goals to 6.

Senior A - Intermediate

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 19 Halifax 4 Edmunston 1 Edmunston
March 21 Halifax 13 Edmunston 3 Halifax

Halifax Wolverines beat Edmunston Eskimos 17 goals to 4.

Halifax Wolverines advanced to the 1934-35 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.

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