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The 1932 Winter Olympics (the IIIrd Winter Olympiad) were held in February, 1932 in Lake Placid, New York, United States of America.

Participating teamsEdit

Canada.United States, Germany, and Poland.

The Great Depression had taken its toll on the world economy. Most of the European nations could not afford to send a hockey team to the United States only to be humiliated by the Canadian and American teams.

After a lot of lobbying by the Americans and promises of financial assistance, Germany and Poland agreed to send teams.

This was the first time that European hockey teams would visit North America.

Both Germany and Poland went on tours of the United States.

Canada was represented by the Winnipeg Winnipegs, who had won the Allan Cup the previous season.They took a break from their current season.


The format was a double round robin. Each team played the other twice. But even with that, there were not enough games. McGill University and a team from Lake Placid played some exhibition games to fill out a nice slate of games.

Thursday, February 4Edit

Friday, February 5Edit

Saturday, February 6Edit

Sunday, February 7Edit

Monday, February 8Edit

Tuesday, February 9Edit

Wednesday, February 10Edit

Saturday, February 13Edit

Final StandingsEdit

1, Gold Medal     Canadian Red Ensign 1921Canada             5-0-1-11    32- 4
2. Silver Medal   Flag of the United StatesUnited States      4-1-1- 9    27- 5
3. Bronze Medal   Flag of GermanyGermany            2-4-0- 6     7-26
4.                Flag of PolandPoland             0-6-0- 0     3-24


Gold Silver Bronze
Canadian Red Ensign 1921 Canada
William Cockburn
Clifford Crowley
Albert Duncanson
George Garbutt
Roy Hinkel
Vic Lundquist
Norman Malloy
Walter Monson
Kenneth Moore
Romeo Rivers
Hack Simpson
Hugh Sutherland
Stanley Wagner
Aliston Wise
Flag of the United States United States
Osborne Anderson
John Bent
John Chase
John Cookman
Douglas Everett
Franklin Farrel
Joseph Fitzgerald
Edwin Frazier
John Garrison
Gerard Hallock
Robert Livingston
Francis Nelson
Winthrop Palmer
Gordon Smith
Flag of Germany Germany
Rudi Ball
Alfred Heinrich
Erich Herker
Gustav Jaenecke
Werner Korff
Walter Leinweber
Erich Römer
Martin Schröttle
Marquardt Slevogt
Georg Strobl

Exhibition gamesEdit

Friday, February 5Edit

Saturday, February 6Edit

Friday, February 11Edit



Team PhotosEdit

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