The 1930 Men's World Championships were held between January 30 and February 10, 1930 in Chamonix, France, Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany.

This was the first World Championship (aside from the Olympic Games) that Canada participated in.

The Toronto Canadas represented Canada and were world champions.

Standings Edit

GoldCanadian Red Ensign 1921 Canada1100612
SilverFlag of Germany Germany541014118
BronzeFlag of Switzerland Switzerland3210644
4thFlag of Austria Austria3210534
5thFlag of Poland Poland3120652
6thFlag of France France2110532
6thFlag of Hungary Hungary2110342
6thFlag of Japan Japan1010050
6thFlag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia1010130
10thFlag of Belgium Belgium1010140
10thFlag of Great Britain Great Britain1010240
10thFlag of Italy Italy1010020

Games Edit

First round in Chamonix
January 30 - France 4 - 1 Belgium
January 30 - Hungary 2 - 0 Italy
January 30 - Germany 4 - 2 Great Britain

Second round in Chamonix
February 1 - Poland 5 - 0 Japan
February 1 - Switzerland 3 - 1 Czechoslovakia
February 1 - Austria 2 - 1 France
February 1 - Germany 4 - 1 Hungary

Semi-Final round in Chamonix
February 2 - Germany 3 - 1 Poland
February 2 - Switzerland 2 - 1 Austria

Fourth place in Vienna
February 5 - Austria 2 - 0 Poland

Final round in Berlin
February 9 - Germany 2 - 1 Switzerland

World Championship in Berlin
February 10 - Canada 6 - 1 Germany

Trivia Edit

The tournament was a direct knock-out playoff.

Warm winter weather melted the ice in Chamonix, France and forced Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace officials to move the tournament to Berlin, Germany, and the Sportpalast (which had artificial ice.) Additionally, the 4th place match was played in Vienna, Austria, making this the only world hockey championship tournament to take place in three different countries.

The Canadian team was recognized as being so dominant, such that they did not participate in the play off tournament. Canada was put into the gold medal final game, and the tournament was played to determine an opponent.

The Canadian team: Howard Armstrong (captain), Timpson, Griffin, Radke, Park, Clayton, Adams, Grant, Hutchinson.

Canada played an exhibition tour both before and after the championship. See 1929-30 Toronto Canadas.

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Video of a Canada-Great Britain pre-tournament friendly in Chamonix

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