This is the 1929-30 Intermediate Intercollegiate Series. Osgoode Hall left the Western Section, leaving it with four teams. The Central Section was gone with the departure of both Queen's University and RMC. The Eastern Section returned all four teams.

 1928-29 IIS Season   : 1930-31 IIS Season
 1929-30 CIAU Season
 1929-30 WCIAU Season : 1929-30 MIAA Season

Western sectionEdit

University of Toronto II, University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, Ontario Agricultural College.


2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
 ? Toronto II 6 Western Ontario 6  ?
 ? Toronto II 3 Western Ontario 2  ?

University of Toronto II beat University of Western Ontario 9 goals to 8.

Eastern sectionEdit

Bishop's University
Loyola College
McGill University
University of Montreal

Statistics unavailable.

Regional finalEdit

Sudden death

March 15 at Ottawa

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