Semi FinalsEdit

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 15 Port Arthur 1 Regina 0 Regina
March 19 Port Arthur 4 Regina 1 Winnipeg

Port Arthur beat Regina Vics 5 goals to 1.

Date Winner Loser Location
March 16 Trail 4 High River 0 Calgary
March 18 Trail 4 High River 2 Calgary

Trail Smoke Eaters beat High River Fliers 8 goals to 2.


2 games total goals

  • March 21 Trail 6 Port Arthur 1 @ Winnipeg

This game was thrown out because of an ineligible Trail player.

Sudden death

  • March 23 Port Arthur 6 Trail 0 @ Winnipeg

Port Arthur beat Trail Smoke Eaters

Port Arthur advanced to the 1928-29 Allan Cup Final.

Team PhotosEdit

High River photo courtesy Glenbow Archives. Original photo [1] here.

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