Official PlayoffsEdit

Three teams played off for the right to advance to the Allan Cup final. British Columbia's champion could not advance because its playoff was held too late. Saskatchewan's senior league also was too late.


Province Team
Alberta Lethbridge Vets
Manitoba Winnipeg Falcons
Thunder Bay Fort William Maple Leafs

Semi FinalEdit

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 4 Fort William 15 Lethbridge 0 Winnipeg

Fort William Maple Leafs beat Lethbridge Vets 15 goals to 0.


2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 7 Winnipeg 7 Fort William 2 Winnipeg
March 10 Winnipeg 9 Fort William 1 Winnipeg

Winnipeg Falcons beat Fort William Maple Leafs 16 goals to 3.

Winnipeg Falcons advanced to the 1919-20 Allan Cup.

Unofficial playoffEdit

Note: The Alberta Big Four League was not eligible for the Allan Cup beacause it used reinstated professionals. Saskatchewan's senior league's playoffs finished too late for its champion to advance to the official playoffs. Champions of the two leagues met in an unofficial series.


Province Team
Alberta Big Four League Edmonton Eskimos
Saskatchewan Senior League Moose Jaw Maple Leafs


3 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 8 Edmonton 4 Moose Jaw 3 Edmonton
March 10 Moose Jaw 3 Edmonton 1 Moose Jaw
March 11 Edmonton 8 Moose Jaw 5 Moose Jaw

Edmonton Eskimos beat Moose Jaw Maple Leafs 13 goals to 11.

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