This is the 1919-20 Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League season.
The WJrHL became the Manitoba Junior Hockey League in 1933.

The WJrHL was run and controlled by the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association.

MAHA Notes[edit | edit source]

League President: Ralph Patterson
Grand Trunk Pacific & Winnipeg Argonauts withdrew.
Assiniboia, Winnipeg Victoria Bisons, & Winnipegs admitted.
Selkirk Fishermen & Winnipeg Monarchs transferred to "A" Division.
Winnipeg Pilgrims & Winnipeg Tammany Tigers transferred to "B" Division.
Six man hockey to be play as per Canadian Amateur Hockey Association constitution.
Game lineup size at eight players, and teams permitted to register 12 players.
No player transfers after January 15.
Sweaters to be furnished with numbers on their back.
40 games scheduled, 8 per team. Each team plays other divisional teams two times.

first season of six man hockey
and numbers on sweaters

"A" Division[edit | edit source]

Selkirk Fishermen (1st place), Winnipeg Monarchs, Winnipeg Victoria Bisons, Winnipegs, Elmwood.

Statistics unavailable.

Notable Players
Johnny SheppardJoe Thorsteinson

"B" Division[edit | edit source]

Young Mens Lutheran Club (1st place), Winnipeg Tammany Tigers, Winnipeg Pilgrims, Weston, Assiniboia.

Statistics unavailable.

League Final[edit | edit source]

#1 February 24 Selkirk 6 YMLC 5 @ Amphitheatre
#2 February 27 Selkirk 4 YMLC 0 @ Arena
Selkirk Fishermen defeated Young Mens Lutheran Club 10 goals to 5

Selkirk Fishermen won Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League Championship
and Turnbull Cup, Manitoba Junior Hockey Championship
Fishermen were the first recipient of the Turnbull Cup

Memorial Cup Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Western Canada Semi Final
#1 February 28 Selkirk 7 Regina 4 @ Regina
#2 March 1 Selkirk 3 Regina 2 @ Regina
Selkirk Fishermen defeated Regina Victorias (SAHA) 10 goals to 6
Western Canada Final
#1 March 3 Selkirk 8 Calgary 2 @ Regina
#2 March 5 Selkirk 3 Calgary 3 @ Regina
Selkirk Fishermen defeated Calgary Monarchs (CJHL) 11 goals to 5

Selkirk Fishermen won Abbott Cup, Western Canada Junior Hockey Championship
Fishermen were the first Manitoba team to win the Abbott Cup

Canada Final
#1 March 23 Toronto 10 Selkirk 1 @ Toronto
#2 March 25 Toronto 5 Selkirk 4 @ Toronto
Selkirk Fishermen lost to Toronto Canoe Club (OHA) 15 goals to 5
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