The 1911 TPHL season was the fourth and final season of the Timiskaming Professional Hockey League. It resumed operation following a one year absence when the Cobalt Silver Kings and Haileybury Comets returned to the league after a stint in the National Hockey Association. They were joined by a third team in New Liskeard.

League businessEdit

The league board was elected at a meeting in early January. The positions were as follows:

  • Honorary Presidents: Mr. R.T. Shillington, T.W. Haynes, C.A. Richardson
  • President: Chief Jones
  • Vice President: W.C. Nicholson
  • Secretary-Treasurer: W.A. Taylor
  • Committee: A. Throop - Haileybury, Harry Smith - Cobalt, Chas. Clarke - New Liskeard

Season OverviewEdit

Cobalt and New Liskeard faced each other on January 6. There is some confusion as to the fate of the Cobalt team. In the January 10, 1911, edition of The Winnipeg Tribune, it was reported that the Silver Kings were set to disband, as stated in this quote: "Cobalt. Jan 9. - Professional and semi-professional hockey in Cobalt is dead and will not be resurrected this winter. The Cobalt team was badly defeated last week by both Haileybury and New Liskeard and will disband. Delay of signing good players is given as the reason for the club´s collapse, while those who backed the club last year refused to put up the cash this season."[1]

However, on January 26, the Vancouver Daily World reported on a match between Cobalt and New Liskeard, won 9-5 by the former team, led by Harry Smith's six goals.[2] It seems likely that the Cobalt team was revived following the initial reports of their imminent folding.

Haileybury won the league championship and it was speculated that they might challenge for the Stanley Cup, as reported on February 8: "...Weldy Young hints that Haileybury, who has clinched the championship in the Temiskaming League, will endeavor to lift the cup, and will gather together one of the strongest teams in the country in an attempt to do so."[3] The challenge did not end up materializing.

The 1911 season was the last of the Timiskaming Pro League. The Timiskaming Senior Hockey League was then formed for the 1912 season.


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