The Allan Cup was a challenge cup until 1919. This meant that the previous year's winner kept the cup unless it was defeated in league play this year or lost a challenge series.

Queens University beat McGill University in the Ontario University Athletics final - the winner of which won the Allan Cup. The cup was then open to challenges from other leagues.

League finalEdit

Intercollegiate Final

sudden death

Monday, March 7 @ Ottawa

Queens University 8 McGill University 2

Queens University kept the Allan Cup.

First ChallengeEdit

Challenge from St. Michaels College. champion of the OHA Senior.

sudden death

Wednesday, March 16 @ Kingston

St. Michaels College 5 Queens University 4

St. Michaels College was awarded the Allan Cup.

Second ChallengeEdit

Challenge from Sherbrooke. champion of the St Lawrence Hockey League

sudden death

Saturday, March 19 @ Toronto

St. Michaels College 8 Sherbrooke 3

St. Michaels College kept the Allan Cup.


The Allan Cup trustees received a challenge from the University of Manitoba, the Manitoba champion. The trustees delayed approving this challenge and finally gave this team less than a week's notice to travel all the way east for a game. The university, in frustration, gave up. This would have implications next season.

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