This is the 1908-09 Intermediate Intercollegiate Series. The Ontario Agricultural College did not return. A new Eastern Section, including s seconds team from McGill University, was added.

 1907-08 IIS Season  : 1909-10 IIS Season
 1908-09 CIAU Season

Western SectionEdit

Final 2 games total goals

  • University of Toronto II 7 McMaster University 3
  • University of Toronto II 9 McMaster University 6

University of Toronto II beat McMaster University 16 goals to 9.

Central SectionEdit

Final 2 games total goals

  • Queen's University II 8 Royal Military College 5
  • Royal Military College 9 Queen's University II 8

Queen's University II beat Royal Military College 16 goals to 14.

Eastern SectionEdit

won by McGill University

Regional Semi-FinalEdit

2 games total goals

  • McGill II 8 Queen's II 6
  • McGill II 8 Queen's II 1

McGill University II beat Queen's University II 11 goals to 7.

Regional FinalEdit

Sudden death

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