Another Montreal HC vs. Winnipeg Victorias best-of-three challenge series was held in early 1903. In the first game, defending champion Montreal defeated Winnipeg, 8–1. The second game was the first Stanley Cup challenge match to be replayed. Both teams skated to a 2–2 tie before the game had to be suspended at 27:00 of overtime because of a midnight curfew. It was then decided to discard the result and replay the game two days later. In the rescheduled contest, the Victorias won, 4–2, to even the series. However, Montreal won the decisive third game, 4–1, to retain the Cup.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
January 29, 1903Montreal HC8–1Winnipeg VictoriasMontreal Arena
January 31, 1903 Suspended at 27:00 of overtime due to curfew and the 2–2 tie was discarded
February 2, 1903Winnipeg Victorias4–2Montreal HC
February 4, 1903Montreal HC4–1Winnipeg Victorias
Montreal wins best-of-three series 2 games to 1

In March, the 1903 CAHL season ended with the Montreal Victorias and the Ottawa Hockey Club tied for first place with identical 6–2 records. To determine the CAHL champion, and thus succeed the Montreal HC as the Cup champion, a two-game total goals series was held between the two teams. The first game was held in Montreal ending in a 1–1 tie. The second game was played in Ottawa, with the Ottawas dominating the Victorias, 8–0. The Ottawas thus won the Cup by winning the CAHL.

As the new CAHL and Cup champions, the Ottawas accepted a challenge from the Rat Portage Thistles of the Manitoba & Northwestern Hockey Association (MNWHA). Entering the best-of-three challenge series, the Thistles were younger and quicker than Ottawa; only one player on the Thistles was over the age of 20. However, poor soft ice conditions in Ottawa played a major factor as the Ottawas swept the series with scores of 6–2 and 4–2.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
March 12, 1903Ottawa HC6–2Rat Portage ThistlesDey's Arena
March 14, 1903Ottawa HC4–2Rat Portage Thistles
Ottawa wins best-of-three series 2 games to 0

For their win, the Ottawa players each received a silver nugget from team director Bob Shillington. This is the origing of the nickname of the Silver Seven.

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