1888–89 AHAC season
League Amateur Hockey Association of Canada
Sport ice hockey
Duration December 15, 1888 – March 27, 1889
League champions Montreal Hockey Club

The 1888–89 AHAC season was the third season of the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada. Play was in challenges and started on December 15, 1888. The Montreal Hockey Club would win the final challenge of the season to win the Canadian championship for the second season in a row.

League businessEdit

The annual meeting of the Amateur Hockey Association was held in the Victoria Skating Rink, Montreal, on November 16, 1888. Representatives from most of the hockey clubs were present. The election for the ensuing year resulted as follows:[1]

  • President, Mr. J. Stewart;
  • first vice-president, A. Shearer;
  • second vice-president, D. B. Holden;
  • secretary-treasurer, A. Hodgson.
  • Council — H. Kinghorn (McGill), S. Lee (Crystal), T. Arnton (Victoria), A. C. Higginson (Montreal).

Rule changesEdit

The league reverted to the challenge system, hoping to attract teams from outside Montreal. Quebec would return to play in the AHAC. The number of games was reduced to only four.[1]

The league adopted a rule where the placement of the 'bully' or faceoff, could be played at the point of infringement, or at the point of play stoppage, at the choice of the captain of the offended team after a rules infraction.[1]

Regular seasonEdit

This season saw two teams from outside of Montreal and Ottawa to make challenges. Halifax(Dartmouth) had not challenged for the national championships before, while Quebec had played in the Montreal tournaments. McGill did not return to mount a challenge this year. Ottawa did not play a challenge, but did play an exhibition against the Montreal Hockey Club in Ottawa.[2]

Dartmouth Chebuctos would play two games in Montreal, both played half under "Montreal rules", half under "Halifax rules". Dartmouth would lose 6–1 to Montreal and 4–1 to Crystals. Both games were played at the Crystal Palace skating rink.[3] The two games are recorded in the overall record.

The Chebuctos would play two games against Quebec, losing 8–0 and 5–1.[4]

Overall recordEdit

Team Games Played Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against
Montreal Hockey Club
Montreal Crystals
Montreal Victorias
Quebec Hockey Club

Schedule and resultsEdit

Date Visitor Score Home Score Location
Exhibition play
January 11 Montreal Crystals 8 McGill 4 Crystal Rink
January 18 Montreal HC 2 Montreal Crystals 1 Crystal Rink
January 31 Montreal Victorias 5 Montreal Crystals 2 Crystal Rink
February 26 Montreal HC 6 Dartmouth Chebuctos 1 Crystal Rink
February 27 Montreal Crystals 4 Dartmouth Chebuctos 1 Crystal Rink
AHAC Challenge play
December 15 Montreal HC 3 Montreal Victorias 1 Victoria Rink
February 2 Montreal Crystals 3 Montreal HC 2 Crystal Rink
No challenges during Montreal Tournament (February 4–18)
March 1 Montreal HC 4 Montreal Crystals 0 Crystal Rink
March 7 Montreal HC 3 Quebec 2 Crystal Rink
March 12 Montreal HC 6 Montreal Victorias 1 Crystal Rink
March 18 Montreal Victorias 3 Montreal Crystals 2

Player statisticsEdit

Scoring leadersEdit

Note: GP = Games played, G = Goals scored

Name Club GP G
Archie McNaughton Montreal 57
Archie Hodgson Montreal 56
Sam Lee Crystals 45
Jack Findlay Montreal 55
William Virtue Victorias 22
Dave Brown Crystals 42
George Lowe Montreal 42

Goaltending averagesEdit

Note: GP = Games played, GA = Goals against, SO = Shutouts, GAA = Goals against average

Name Club GP GA SO GAA
Paton, Tom Montreal 5701.17
Norris, Jack Crystals 3602.0
Arnton, Tom Victorias 1212.0
Laurie, A. Quebec 1303.0
Scanlan, Robert Crystals 1404.0
Brown, J. Chebuctos 21005.0
Jones, Robert Victorias 1606.0


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