The 1885 Ottawa Hockey Club season was the club's second of play. The Club played in the Montreal tournament.

Team business[edit | edit source]

The Club moved its practices to the new Dey's Skating Rink, which was electrically-lit. The Club now adopted the colours of gold and blue for their uniforms. Frank Jenkins was selected Captain for the season.[1]

Season[edit | edit source]

The club played in the Montreal Winter Carnival Tournament. Games were held at the Crystal Rink. William O'Dell played goalkeeper, replacing Albert Low, who was on a survey exhibition. Ottawa placed second to the Montreal Hockey Club.

# Date Series Opponent Score Decision Record
1 January 28, 1885 Carnival Montreal Victorias 2–1 W 1–0–0
2 January 30, 1885 Carnival Montreal Hockey Club 2–2 T 1–0–1
3 January 31, 1885 Carnival Montreal Hockey Club 0–1 L 1–1–1


Roster[edit | edit source]

G. Currier, Thomas D. Green, Thomas Gallagher, F.M.S. (Frank) Jenkins(captain), Jack Kerr, Halder Kirby, William O'Dell(goal)[3]

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