Ice hockey Bundesliga
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1957
No. of teams
Country(ies) Flag of GermanyGermany

The Ice hockey Bundesliga (English:Federal Ice Hockey League) was formed in 1957 as the elite hockey competition in the Federal Republic of Germany, replacing the Oberliga in this position. From the 1994-95 season, it was in turn replaced by the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, which now also carries the name 1st Bundesliga in its logo.

Bundesliga champions[edit | edit source]

Season Club
1957-58 EV Füssen
1958-59 EV Füssen
1959-60 SC Riessersee
1960-61 EV Füssen
1961-62 EC Bad Tölz
1962-63 EV Füssen
1963-64 EV Füssen
1964-65 EV Füssen
1965-66 EC Bad Tölz
1966-67 Düsseldorfer EG
1967-68 EV Füssen
1968-69 EV Füssen
1969-70 EV Landshut
1970-71 EV Füssen
1971-72 Düsseldorfer EG
1972-73 EV Füssen
1973-74 Berliner Schlittschuhclub
1974-75 Düsseldorfer EG
1975-76 Berliner Schlittschuhclub
Season Club
1976-77 Kölner EC
1977-78 SC Riessersee
1978-79 Kölner EC
1979-80 Mannheimer ERC
1980-81 SC Riessersee
1981-82 SB Rosenheim
1982-83 EV Landshut
1983-84 Kölner EC
1984-85 SB Rosenheim
1985-86 Kölner EC
1986-87 Kölner EC
1987-88 Kölner EC
1988-89 SB Rosenheim
1989-90 Düsseldorfer EG
German reunification
1990-91 Düsseldorfer EG
1991-92 Düsseldorfer EG
1992-93 Düsseldorfer EG
1993-94 EC Hedos München
  • Until 1990, the Bundesliga covered only West Germany. After the reunification of the country, East German clubs took part in the competition too.

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